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Sea water desalination
water purifiers

Manufacturing, consulting, selection, delivery and technical support.

Company HK Marline Trading Ltd. offers to supply -
- Sea water desalination, water purifiers, ultraviolet sterilization systems, water softeners.
Quality policy
This company produces sea water desalters, water purifiers, ultra violet sterilization systems, water softeners, etc.
The products are used on drilling platforms, sea vessels, expedition ships, etc. The systems use DOW membranes, Danish Danfoss pumps, German Speck pumps, American Jiant pumps, Italian AR pumps and INTERPUMP. And also various filters, cleaners, etc.

Our company produces desalination plants range of 0.5 tons to 1500 tons per day (0.5 t-1500t / 24).
Easy to use, reliable. They are used with voltage sources 220,380,440, / 50Hz, 60Hz made according to Chinese standards GB5749-2006 /
Principle of operation of a seawater desalter
The desalter of sea water is a device that allows you to remove salts dissolved in it from the liquid. After passing this procedure, purified water is obtained. It can be used not only in domestic life, but also as good drinking water.
The peculiarity of the device design is convenient and practical in operation. But fresh does not mean pure. After all, in it, in one way or another, there are different components. Their density directly depends on the use of the water obtained. For example, ships require completely different types of water:
• Drinking - only for cooking and drinking;
• water for personal hygiene and deck washing;
• water for steam generators, otherwise it is called nutrient;
• water for technical purposes (used as engine coolant);
• distilled water.
Method of reverse osmosis
This method has long proved itself, these days it is actively used in industry. It uses special cleaning membranes.
They are made of semi-permeable material. For example, from polyamide or cellulose. A liquid with an excessive amount of salts is passed through these membranes at a certain pressure.
As a consequence, the liquid particles pass through a microscopic grid, on the surface of which larger particles of various impurities settle. Due to this method, it is possible to obtain a rather large volume of desalinated water.
Coastal desalination of sea water
The design of onshore and ship desalination plants is identical, as coastal waters are heavily polluted.
The requirements for the preliminary cleaning of onshore or platform desalination plants are rather stringent.
Need a system of adding anticoagulants and antiscalant. Large distillers are supplied with energy recovery installations for economy.
Continuous improvement
1. Reverse osmosis technology is used to demineralize water, this technology is still universally recognized in the world.
2. The equipment is produced in accordance with GBT-3751-1995, meets the requirements of CCS.
3. The temperature is regulated within 5-40C.
4. We design according to the actual situation on the ship. The frame, pipeline and pipes are made of 316 stainless steel grades.
5.Key components are made of high-quality components, an imported American membrane of reverse osmosis is used, it has high rates of deminization, it works stably, safely.
6. Avoidance of permanent cleanings and blockages, the pre-treatment unit uses the multi-way valve technology. It is easy to operate and maintain.
7. Easy to operate, after launching immediately releases fresh water.
8. Our company sends specialists for installation and adjustment of equipment.
9. The products are at the level with foreign advanced counterparts.
Vacuum desalter of sea water
This type of desalination is used in the marine fleet. It utilizes the heat of the liquid, which cools the main and auxiliary diesels. Clean water, heated to about sixty degrees Celsius, at the inlet comes through the pipes of the heating battery. At the exit, the water temperature drops to about fifty-five degrees Celsius.
The vacuum distiller allows for an hour to get about eight hundred liters of distilled water. This type of distiller can cover almost all the needs of fresh water without the extra costs for fuel energy and service. The device is fully automated. Since the vaporization temperature is sufficiently low, the water desalter can work without cleaning for six to twelve months.
Ultraviolet Disinfection
To date, more and more enterprises in various fields of activity prefer ultraviolet disinfection of air, water, surfaces and even food products.
This type of disinfection has many advantages and almost no shortcomings, which became the reason for its popularity.
The effectiveness of this method of purification is directly related to the principle of the effect of ultraviolet radiation on different surfaces, as well as on all kinds of microorganisms.
For medium and large installations Danfoss two-phase and stainless pumps.
The power recovery SWPE installation consists of an APM motor and an APP pump connected on a coaxial motor.
SWPE energy recovery occurs due to the water waste entering the membrane from the APM engine, the energy of high-pressure water is converted into mechanical energy allowing the engine to be reused. Since the performance of APM is fixed, the return of energy is also fixed.
The APP pump and APM motor are designed to supply high-pressure, low-viscosity and corrosive liquids, for example sea water. The APP pump and APM are based on the axial-piston principle and do not require lubrication due to wetting by the engine and pump medium. Have a long service life, stable performance.
The flow and speed of the input shaft are in direct proportion to the pump / motor output and are independent of the direction of pressure. The electric motor is designed for constant drive of equipment, highly efficient and energy-efficient.
(shipborne deviation plant) Ship water purifier
This equipment filters fresh water, adsorbs, activates, disinfects due to ultraviolet irradiation. The equipment is modern, modular, easy to operate, stable in use.
This equipment uses three-stage filtration. The first stage of purification of impurities, effectively removes rust and suspensions. In the second stage, high-quality activated carbon and KDF filtering material are used.
Effectively absorbs unpleasant odors, organic pollution, residual chlorine, improves the taste of water. In the third stage, through the filters, the pore size reaches 3um, finally, it filters out all the suspensions. Also, carbon retention in past purification stages is inhibited.
At the last stage, disinfection with ultraviolet takes place. As a result, pure drinking water is obtained which complies with the standard GB5749-2006 "Standard drinking water".


The bactericidal effect of ultraviolet is the basis on which such equipment is based. Electromagnetic waves in the invisible part of the spectrum have a harmful effect on harmful microorganisms. Any pollution caused by living organisms, be it bacteria, viruses, fungi or yeast, is eliminated with no problems by ultraviolet rays.
Electromagnetic waves, whose length lies in the range 200-280 nm, have the most effective bactericidal effect. This is the range used by manufacturers of UV equipment. Penetrating the cells of the microorganism inside, such radiation destroys it, preventing further life and reproduction. Ultraviolet waves act directly on the DNA of the cell, ripping its bonds. Some microorganisms can eventually develop resistance to radiation, so even after installing the equipment, you must periodically monitor the composition of water or air and take appropriate measures when detecting the growth of bacteria or viruses.
The effectiveness of this type of disinfection depends on which microorganisms are present in the air, water or on surfaces. Each type of microflora reacts differently to UV rays, differing in greater or less sensitivity. In addition, the quality of cleaning affects many other factors:
• humidity and dust content of the air;
• the size of the room;
• types of surfaces, etc.
Ultraviolet affects only living microorganisms, but does not affect the chemical composition of air, water and coating of various surfaces. UV equipment does not help to clear the air of dust, change its humidity or filter water from various additives. The task of our recyclers is to carry out disinfection and disinfection procedures.
All products are certified:

For all these species, different seawater desalination vessels are used. All methods fall into two categories:

Distillation - a desalination plant that operates on the principle of distillation, heats and evaporates seawater. Then the steam is "caught" and brought to the desired temperature.

Filtration - the principle of reverse osmosis. Salt water is desalinated without transition from one aggregate state to another.
His work is based on "leveling" the concentration of dissolved impurities. Extremely high pressure allows us to "squeeze out" unnecessary particles of salts.

Для нормальной эксплуатации причалы должны быть оснащены целым комплексом вспомогательных устройств.

Для защиты причалов и корпуса судна от повреждений при подходе и стоянки судов у причалов, так называемые отбойные приспособления, и устройства, которые позволяют закрепить суда у причалов и ограничить их перемещения под воздействием ветра и течений, так называемые швартовные устройства.

Отбойные устройства завода поставляются на экспорт более чем в 50 стран и регионов: США, Европа, Ближний Восток, Южная Америка, Африка, Япония и т.д.



The main specialists of our company are working in Dalian, one of China's major trading ports. This gives the advantage of a large supply in Europe, Canada and the United States.

Operational and training vessel of experts - an important component of our business.

You do not need to spend valuable time searching for ship supply and communicate with different companies (suppliers). All this you can buy a reliable supplier!

The level of preparation of the ship on a voyage not only the criterion of its effectiveness, but also the exponent of crew safety.

We take very seriously the responsibility and you'll get to the solution of tasks.


Work without intermediaries, directly with manufacturers in China and Malaysia.

Quality control in the production of equipment.

Individual approach to each client.

Permanent experienced team in China and Russia.

Our experience and expertise allows us to perform the most complex tasks.

Competitiveness in the ratio "price-quality."

Close cooperation with China and Southeast Asian countries fishing companies.

Flexible pricing policy provides for discounts!
Company HK Marline guarantees you the supply from the best manufacturers.

We ensure to ship supply are available from stock in a timely manner!
Own warehouse with constantly updated products, makes it possible to promptly fulfill the orders.

Our company offers a full range of high quality marine supplies at affordable prices!


We ensure to ship supply are available from stock in a timely manner!

Own warehouse with constantly updated products, makes it possible to promptly fulfill the orders.

Our company offers a full range of high quality marine supplies at affordable prices!






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